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I am excited to share with you a project that I was invited to be a contributor called, “Soul Activators.”

It is an eBook with 19 other Transformational Agents, each sharing a 1 minute video message of inspiration. It’s an easy, fun and fast way to explore and experience a variety of authors and their compelling messages.

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Your Possibility of Happiness:

What if you could live your life every day and be totally Happy and Joyful?
Does this sound impossible?

It’s not impossible, our bodies and spirit already contain everything we need to be fully happy and healthy and loving.  But you don’t always see it because it gets buried with limiting beliefs, fear, worry, judgments, negative stories, and unforgiveness, especially with yourself.  To learn more, check out my Free EBook that is available to you by opening the link above.

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Lessons Learned in writing this book and Creating my Happiness April, 18, 2014

What I discovered, learned, and experienced was far more than I had ever planned in Creating Happiness in my life, and so I simply had to share this with anyone that is interested in creating greater happiness in their life.

After the process, (creating new habits) and the plan I used, (As described in my book), my perception of myself, the world and life just transformed in a wonderful way that it would be completely selfish not to let others like you know this. As I just mentioned, it started with creating new habits and ended with greater happiness.

It is a choice to create greater happiness in your life and so first, make your choice to be happier and then a process that works for you. My book will help you with the process and a plan, you have to make the choice and then commitment on your own.

For me, it wasn’t always easy making the change in habits. Being so consistent and self-disciplined to keep up a daily practice that was at times, time consuming. There were many days I said, I don’t feel like doing this today, why bother.

But then I would go back and remember a story I read and video I watched about Bamboo trees and how they grow. Bamboo is one the fastest growing plants in the world. In five weeks it will grow to a full height of about 90 feet tall. That is the height of a 10 story bldg. You could actually watch it grow. It would be like watching paint dry but a lot more interesting.

However, bamboo does not even break thru the ground in the first four years after planting a seed. You see no growth, nothing, nada, zilch, above the ground, only the dirt it was planted in and you ask yourself, why am I watering this every day? Then in the 5th year it breaks thru the ground and grows to its full potential, (90 feet tall), in about 5 weeks. Yet this will not happen, it will not grow, if it’s not watered everyday for the first 4 years. You just keep watering and have faith that it will happen.

So what is going on in the first four years?
You see, during the first four years all the growth is happening underground, the tree is building its foundation for year 5. It needs the foundation underground to support all the growth that will come in the 5th year!

Now, I didn’t have to wait 5 years to become happier, but you get the point. We choose what we want and then commit to what it takes and have faith, and this works in every area of your life.

Once you change your habits your life will start changing, and in a relative shorter period of time. Maybe a few weeks and maybe a few or several months, but you will change if you keep watering your desire and choices.

Remember, when you want to make a change, build the foundation and the growth will happen. Do the work and have faith.

I hope you enjoy reading my book.


What is your Purpose?  May 25, 2014

True happiness… is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.

~ Helen Keller

What is your purpose? Why are you doing anything? Why do you want to continue doing what you are doing? Why is your future important?

A list of such questions can go on and on.

Your purpose—the reason you want to do something—could be the most important question you may never have answered for yourself. Why do anything? We don’t always have to know how something will be done, but it’s important to know the why. This is the first thing to identify. (In this section, I am using the words why and purpose interchangeably.)

Why be happy? Why not be happy? If you could choose any emotion, I would think that being happy would be near the top of your list.

For thousands of years, great writers, philosophers, and spiritual leaders have been telling us that the external world is created from our internal world. If you don’t like your outside world, change yourself, and then watch the outside world change before your eyes.

When I was growing up, it seemed that the only answer I ever received when I asked “Why?” was, “Because I told you so.” This answer usually came from people in authority. I didn’t take ownership of my why; I didn’t have my own reason. You probably would agree that there isn’t much motivation involved in the “because I told you so” scenario.

Often I did things out of fear: the fear that I would be punished if I didn’t obey rules or comply with authority. The threatened punishments ranged from burning in hell for eternity (from the Catholic Church) to being grounded by my parents.

Typically I used other people’s whys, so I didn’t create many of my own. Early in life I had some smaller whys, such as doing work to earn spending money. I played sports in order to get noticed, and after awhile it was important to me to be athletic. But the big reason why—my purpose—was missing.

I had set up a life and lifestyle based on doing things. At first it entailed doing what I was told by others; later, it was doing what I told myself. I didn’t examine my life as well as I could have. The big dreams were not there, and so the big why and my life purpose was also absent.

When I started my business at age twenty-five, I had a purpose, but I also had a lot of fears. It became a battle of the whys versus the fears, and the fears were winning. Later I realized that the why is much more powerful than any fears. No matter how far away the goal appears or how hard it may seem to reach it, if your reason why is big enough and you believe in it strongly enough—and consistently move in the direction of it—you can achieve anything.

Do you have a why? If not, that’s okay, but now is the time to create one, and make it big! There’s no point in playing small, or even medium-scale. To quote an adage, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Take some time to think about your purpose: an hour or even a few days. Identifying your purpose is the first step for creating greater happiness in your life. When we have purpose, we come from a happier state. We take actions because they have value and meaning.

Moving toward your goal may be challenging at times, but you can be happy knowing that you are moving in the direction of your dreams. This alone can bring you happiness.

Remember the words of Lao Tzu: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

When your purpose is big enough—and when you believe in it—you can move mountains.

Many times when I did have a bigger dream or bigger purpose, my fear became stronger and I abandoned my dream. That’s why I feel it is important to look for small steps, goals, and wins along the way, so that you can see your progress. And, know that the bigger goal just lies ahead.

Connect with your purpose and feel really good about it! Now, you have direction and are not living your life in default or moving aimlessly. Live and move in the direction of your life—with purpose.