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frontCreating Happiness
by James Anderson
ISBN # 0-9889816-8-8
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“When our joyful and happy states of mind are more consistent and positive, progress is made, and manifestation is easier and quicker.” —Creating Happiness

“I read this book and found it inspirational and uplifting.” –Debra

DVD Image 2DVD
Details: In this special video presentation, I deliver to an audience the details about my book, the science behind happiness and the actions steps I took and anyone can use to create greater happiness in their life.
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Coaching Services:

In these past 20 years on my search and path, I have witnessed many life-changing patterns of thoughts, and behaviors in myself and my fellow travelers on their journeys.  For me, life is about continuous growth and improvement.  It’s about how can I be a better person and Now, how can I help others create more happiness and awareness in their life. I have participated in many life-changing events, workshops and seminars for my own personal development, self-discovery, leadership and also a better understanding of teamwork and cooperation. I have engaged in workshops and seminars with leaders like Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Neale Donald Walsh, T Harv Eker, John Assaraf, Mike Dooley, Andy Dooley, Joe Vitale and his miracles coaching program, Les Brown, Joan Borysenko, Marci Shimoff, Lisa Nichols and  many others. Now, I want to help you overcome your challenges and internal obstacles that keep you from being who and where you want to be in your life.

I am excited to offer you a coaching package below that will HELP YOU GET ON YOUR PATH TO GREATER AWARENESS AND HAPPINESS. When you are truly ready and committed to change, things can happen quickly with the proper guidance.

I look forward to an opportunity to work with you.

Create Happiness Coaching:

“Scientifically proven ways to create greater happiness in your life and create a new you in 3 months.”

This 3-month package is a great starting point if you are looking to create long term results. It is my experience and belief that in order to change a habit or behavior pattern, 90 days is the time it takes to create and develop more permanent neuropath ways in the brain that keep us in a set pattern of behaviors and thoughts. If you are determined to make a change, a 90 day program is actually a very short time compared to the years your current habits and subconscious programs have been running your life. Remember about 95% of all our actions, behaviors and re-actions to life situations are habitual and unconscious. But we can change our habits and change our lives! I will guide you thru a series of practices and steps to make meaningful changes in your life and the lives around you. Say goodbye to the old patterns and you will change your life and start living with more energy, better health, enhanced relationships, and greater happiness. For only $297 per month you will receive.

An initial evaluation – 1 hour
4 powerful private sessions – each week – 30 minutes each
Bi-weekly e-coaching to support you in between sessions

Special Coaching program and pricing:
Single sessions available at $150 per session.  Two hours at $250.

Call James at 303-882-2885 to make an appointment and book your package and personal session. James Anderson is the founder of, “Ignite the Spark Within,” seminar series and workshops. This seminar is designed to be experiential to move and shift our energies, raising our vibrations, and allow us to connect to our inborn gifts of happiness and joy and help us lose our fears and worries.